Mr, Yusuf Oladeni Adebisi is the youngest lawmaker in Oyo State since 1999 and could soon be confirmed as the youngest in Nigeria by INEC. At 25 going 26 in September, the first time legislator, who will represent the Ibadan South West Constituency 1 in the House of Assembly, speaks Tribune on his hopes and dreams for his people.
After the PDP (Peoples Democratic Party) was announced winner of the Oyo State governorship election, reports had it that your father’s house at Oluyole Estate was invaded by miscreants and your grandmother was shot but he, Taye Currency, denied the story. What exactly happened?
The story was false. Nothing like that happened. An overzealous blogger posted the story to draw traffic but many later saw beyond his plan to blackmail my father. The fake news only confirmed that many online publishers either don’t know the ethics of journalism profession, or they don’t care about it. Sadly, that will only cost them some of their followers. We appreciate what Nigerian Tribune did to reach out to us to confirm things. That man never bothered to hear our side of the story. Anyway, there was no story. My father was not attacked and my grandmother wasn’t shot. For us, we have moved on. For the other bloggers, I advise that there should be a bit of decorum or else many will not rely on online publications for authentic stories again.

Talking about father, did he support your decision to go into politics?

He didn’t at first. He believed that politics in Nigeria is meant for only the extremely rich and connected. He wanted me to work in a company like other educated young ones and promised to get me a job in Abuja but I told him my mind was made up about politics. I continued working underground with a dear friend, Mr Tope Eluyefa. The two of us were the only ones who started the journey together. My dad later reported me to Mr Eluyefa, but he was shocked when Eluyefa suggested to him that I should be allowed to make some decisions in life and face the consequences. My dad was livid. ‘So, you will watch as your brother makes this rash decision’ was what my dad told Tope and he stormed out of the house that day. A few days after, I went to him. He told me he had got a job for me in Abuja that paid N350,000 each month. He expected me to jump at the offer but I stood my ground. By then, I had already printed copies of pin up badges that had my picture and that of our governor-elect, Engineer Seyi Makinde on it and was going to show it to him. When he saw it, he shouted; “yeepa, o ti lo to bayii” (so you have gone this far). I never approached him for money all the while. I just wanted his acceptance, but he was difficult, while I was determined. Read the full interview HERE


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