“Trumps Whole Family Will Be Going To Jail Soon” – Tyrese
American singer Tyrese has declared on Instagram that the president of America, Donald Trump and his entire family are all going to jailed, including his in-law, Jared Corey Kushner who is currently senior advisor to Trump. Tyrese stated this with certainty.
The singer shared a video of Ice Cube singing about ‘arresting the president’ and in the video, Trump’s famous face cap, ‘make America great again’  was being burnt to ashes, and his ties with Russian president , Puttin was also highlighted in the video.
Read his declaration and the video
“Trumps whole family will be going to jail soon……. And Kushner….. You will see… Do you guys possibly think that many indictments are going to be handed out to ALL of these corrupt people who DIRECTLY work for trump and now ONE indictment comes to trump when they ALL worked for him..?? Enjoy it all while you can trust me on this……. indictments and Prison is inevitable!!!!! @icecube this shit slap!!!!!”
See the video


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