Femi Fani-Kayode, a former Minister of Aviation has taken a swipe at President Muhammadu Buhari’s government over the economy of the nation.
Fani-Kayode, lamenting about the exclusion of Nigeria from list of top ten growing economies in Africa said Nigeria had the biggest economy in Africa during Ex-President, Goodluck Jonathan’s administration.
The former minister stated this on his verified Twitter page.
According to him: “Under Goodluck Jonathan, we had the biggest economy in Africa. Today we are not in the top 10!
“Here is a list of top growing economies;
1]Ghana 8.3%
2]Ethiopia 8.2%
3]Cote d’Ivoire 7.2%
4]Djibouti 7.0%
5]Senegal 6.9%
6]Tanzania 6.8%
7]Sierra Leone 6.3%
8]Burkina Faso 6.0%
8]Benin Rep. 6.0%
9]Rwanda 5.9%
10]Niger Rep. 5.2%

Also criticising the present administration over the state of the nation, Reno Omokri, the former aide to Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan urged Nigerians to return power back to Jonathan.
On his Twitter page, he wrote: “Boko Haram has not been defeated. 3 million jobs have not been created. Instead, 11 million jobs have been lost. Naira is not yet equal to dollars and we are paying double for fuel. Please forget about your next level. Return us back to our last level under GEJ!


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