It is no longer news that many Nigerian soldiers were killed in Metele, around the Lake Chad basin on Sunday, November 18.
But what is in contention is the actual number of soldiers killed. While reports in the social media claimed 44 Nigerian soldiers were killed, a foreign news agency said more than a hundred soldiers were killed within a week.
Now, a video of the killing has gone viral in the social media where soldiers complained of poor weapons and being used to make money by the commanders.
Hear what the soldiers were saying in the video:

”This is what Nigerian Army has been doing to us… See where they brought us in this desert zone where there is nobody… See how they burn soldiers… They are using us to make money… This is the place they took 40 barrels…. They are using us to make money…. Are we not human beings… See where soldiers die…. Within one week, two hundred and something soldiers have died… We are 147 now…. They just want to waste us…. It is a lie, our blood is not here… We are going to post this to the Federal Government…This is T72 armoured tank… Al Barnawi broke into this place and killed all of us… They are collecting our money….That terrorist called Al Barnawi, they are taking him to everywhere to kill us…. Federal Government please intervene…. These people are killing us…These people are killing us too much… The last operation we went, they called it last hold, they (terrorists) finished all of them…. Now we are 147 left… Federal govt please intervene. We are millenium soldiers… We are not 63NA… Most of us are graduates…. This is another T.12 that was acquired during the Shagari regime…. This is from Chekoslovakia. It is not updated… These things are not working, once you fire two, you have stoppages…They say we are Zombies… that we don’t know our rights. They say we are animals…This is the pace they called Metele. They kill all the last hold… Maybe they think we are 63NA… All the money federal government gave them to buy weapons… Nigerian Army is buying INNOSON…. All these are obsolete… Oyinbo came here and said they are obsolete. All these weapons were bought during the Shagari regime in 1983… They have turned us to business…. Federal Government you will hear about it…. All these weapons are not genuine…if you fire two times you have stoppages. This is 1983 when Shagari was head of state… Federal Government give them money, they go and buy INNOSON, Nigerian made… Federal Government please help us… help us.”


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