Angry Nigerians Embarrass Rotimi Amaechi At A Function In Abuja
Angry Nigerians today disgraced Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amaechi, at a function in Abuja earlier today November 22nd. In the video clip released, Nigerians could be seen and heard shouting, ”sit down, sit down” as they  shut down Rotimi Amaechi at the programme

Amaechi was a panelist at the Osasu Show Symposium which held in Abuja and he was to speak on Transportation in Nigeria and also the Buhari-led government. As he wanted to give his speech, the crowd at the event did not want to hear him speak. They began chanting ‘sit down, sit down”. He was forced to hand over the microphone as the crowd refused to stop.
Watch a clip from the scene below
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