The Presidential flagbearer of the People’s Trust Party, Gbenga Hashim Olawepo has stated that he will implement the sum of N50,000 as minimum wage for Nigeria wnorkers within one year in office, if elected.
Speaking at a presidential interactive session in Abuja on Monday, he said, Nigeria has enough resources to pay all workers the said amount if the national leadership was committed to the welfare of Nigerians.
He described past political leaders as parasites who were out to satisfy their selfish interest rather than getting interested in Nigerians after cornering their votes.
He said, the APC and PDP Presidential candidates were the same who possess low educational qualifications, saying both lacked basic knowledge of how a bogus economy like Nigeria works in the 21st century.
“What is the difference between the so-called WAEC certificate and a Diploma that has no foundation? “, he queried.
He lamented that none of the presidential candidates has record of business successes, hence, it was difficult for them to initiate business strategies for the nation to yield increased revenue.
He said candidates of the APC and the PDP have been in government and were used to spending government money. A situation he posited, was counterproductive to a nation that needs someone that will take it to the next level.

The presidential candidate stressed that he will have zero tolerance for the killing of any citizen irrespective of tribe or religion, saying his administration will punish murderers.
“My administration will punish killers severely and stop killing of Nigerians for any reason. That is the only way killings can stop.
“Moreso, the anti-corruption battle of this government is faulty. You have to pay a living wage so that nobody will collect bribe at the gate.”

It would be recalled that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) officially opened the window of campaign for all Presidential candidates on Saturday.


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