Image result for Nigerians react to sudden reappearance of Nnamdi Kanu in Jerusalem one year after he went missingOn Friday, 19th of October, leader of the now proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, was spotted in Jerusalem, Israel.
Photos and Videos of him praying in Jerusalem were shared online by Radio Biafra.

Kanu went missing in September last year after the military invaded his home in Abia state.

See how Nigerians on social media are reacting to news of his re-emergence,
Some comments from our Facebook Page:
Jaymeel Casio Ajeka: This Scammer has finally left his cave and ran to Jerusalem Come do Biafra again na…EWU GAMBIA
Emeka Attama: Tank God am not a Nigeria, am a full time Biafra , long live nnamdi kanu
Ruth Rita: I always knew that this man have plans. He went mute for long. And came back almost before 2019 election. Welcome back Nnamdi . IPOB!!!!!
Okijaewelo Obele Okijaewelo Obele: The reason hausa fulani and the yorubas want to stay united with the igbos is what I don’t just understand.
Sampson Donviper Essien: The great warrior of our time, I’m not a Nigerian but I hail youand I’m happy that you’ve shown up at the right time.
Muhammed Jamiu: Smart dude… I love this guy, he just dealt with the gullibles and disappear into the thin air
Raymond Usman: If you are still alive… Hide urseif wherever you are… Until buhari complete his tenure in the year 2023. Underwise the next one will be (operation sneak Dance )
Rawlings Okafor: Enjoy the money Nigerian government gave u, you think we don’t know .. If you ignorant enough to think this man is coming back to Nigeria, u better think again, he’s been paid off, u won’t see him again
Olumodan Oluwatobi Cee Mercy: Keyboard warriors una don come back ahbi!!! See them yeye people no Election in Biafra like say them mean am…..
Esther Remy Okenwa: After brainwashing some lazy youths and led them to their early grave, he ran to Jerusalem to hide. Where are his supporters? They should come and see their king hiding in Jerusalem.
Everest Evera Nnamdi Gcfr: The resurfacing of Nnamdi Kanu in Jerusalem will send a sharp cut in Buhari’s spine. This guy has been a torn in Buhari’s flesh. But lemme ask o. Are Biafrans ready to go?
Chigozie Bishop Ugochukwu: My problem is not nnamdi kanu I like the guy for the course hes fighting for us all.
But my problem is this guyz that insults anybody that makes hes own opinion,nd that is whenever the opinion doesn’t favour biafra or nnamdi kanu Asim kam juo those guys(them know themselves) Do u think this is how all these sovereign states that got there freedom recently got it? No lets be frank.
Isit by calling,someone that said his opinion a fool, do u think thats how biafra will come
A wise man as we biafrans claim we are,even me… A wise man should change tactics,when fighting for a course,if plan a fails, trust me plan B won’t
Its just illiteracy that will make a man attack his own brother,when he airs his view

Let’s try nd comport ourselves. It brings biafra nearer. Ekwuchakwam!!!


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