Ekiti New Governor, Fayemi Says He Is Ready To Expose Fayose
The newly inaugurated Governor of Ekiti State, Kayode Fayemi, on Tuesday has stated in his inaugural speech that he is not ready to witch-hunt the past administration but will say the truth before his people, and expose documents of what transpired during former governor Fayose’s administration

Speaking during his inaugural speech in Ado Ekiti, the state capital, Fayemi declared:
“Today, we reclaim our land from those that have held us hostage. We will thoroughly reveal and distribute documents of what happened in our state during the past administration.
“This state was during the past administration owing salaries of about eight months.
“We are not interested in trial by the media or witch-hunting but will we will say the truth before our people.
“We may not belong to the same political party, but never again should we allow politics in Ekiti State to be left in the hands of people who don’t understand governance. Never again should we give up our status as honourable men for stomach infrastructure.
“We are focused on areas of development which include Agriculture, social investment and entrenching our economy into becoming great. Our greatest resources are our people.
“I will not rest until the burning issue of workers salaries is promptly addressed.” He stated.


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