A large gathering of Christian Clerics and various religious faithfuls this evening launched a 40 days prayer session for the re-election of President Muhammadu Buhari come 2019 and for lasting peace and security in Nigeria.
The gathering made up of several persons from various religious sects drawn from various parts of Nigeria said the programme was put together in order to commit the country into the hands of the Almighty as the Nation prepares for the next round of elections.
The Convener of the Prayer Session, Bishop Bishop Sunday Garuba said It is a statement of fact that before President Muhammadu Buhari assumed leadership of the country, it was on the brink of collapse.

He said these were the lot of Nigerians before God sent a helper in President Muhammadu Buhari to our rescue.
“And now, the elections are around the corner again. And in line with the excellent work carried out by President Muhammadu Buhari, the National Inter-Faith and Religious Organisations for Peace (NIFROP) is organising this 40-day prayers, tagged “Buhari Shall Come Back in 2019”
“This is especially on the heels on the grand plot by agents of darkness to take Nigeria back to the bottomless pit. But by God’s grace, that would not happen”he said
Speaking on the theme of the gathering which is “Let Nigeria be Great and Let Nigeria be Delivered.” the Bishop said,

In the book of Exodus, we read the epic story of God’s power to free his people from slavery. In chapter 14, we get to the climax of the story: the crossing of the Red Sea. Before the people of Israel cross over the sea, they come face to face with their enemy. Their enemy is strong, and they are weak—but God is stronger.


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