FG begs Nigerians abroad
Head of states, President Muhammadu Buhari who spoke on Thursday during an interactive session with Nigerian professionals based in the US and Canada, stated that if he survives the next four years, he plans on doing better if he wins the 2019 Presidential election.
According to the President, his administration had delivered within the available resources and if he wins the forthcoming 2019 election and survive the next four years, he would do better than he had done before.
“if I win the next election and I survive the next four years, I will do better.
“I’m always conscious of the ordinary people because they are the ones that always vote for me. A lot of big men have no time to go and queue on the line for hours.
“There were even pregnant women who were on the line for hours and they delivered. They are my constituencies; they always vote for me.”

Buhari also claimed that the Boko Haram insurgents has been decimated, but regretted that the terrorist group was still targeting soft spots and using girls for suicide bombings.

President Buhari further stated that he is not as slow as assumed, noting that he’s trying to follow the law, especially as democracy is different from military rule.
Buhari also recounted how he put people in Kirikiri Maximum Prison in Lagos when he was a military head of state, and then ensured they remained in custody until they were able to prove themselves innocent.


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