Aisha Buhari orders arrest of her ADC over N2.5 billion scam
Aisha Buhari, Wife of President Buhari, has allegedly ordered the arrest of her own Aide De Camp, Sani Baba-Inna, a chief superintendent of police, for swindling her.

According to Premium times Mrs Buhari has allegedly asked the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, to arrest and compel Baba-Inna to refund the money that he received as huge donations to the tune of N2.5 billion from politicians and business people on her behalf, which he then kept to himself. .
The accused police officer, was arrested last Friday September 21st and has remained in detention ever since, without access to family members.
However  the embattled Mr. Baba-Inna has persistently  refuted the allegation, saying he received no donation from anyone on behalf of his boss. And the police, concluded that Mrs Buhari must have been wrongly informed as there was nothing to show or prove that such huge sum of money was in the custody of Mr Baba-Inna. An associate of Mr. Baba-Inna said the police contacted those named as donors of the controversial funds but that they all denied making the donations attributed to them.
“The IG said the matter must be investigated immediately and the house of the ADC was raided,” a sources said. “Shockingly, investigators only found N1,200 cash in the House. His bank account was also investigated and had only a balance of N30,000 while the transaction records showed that most credits to the account were his salaries and allowances.”the associate said.
“For instance, one of those named was the IG of Police himself,” the source said. “But the IG said he has never passed any money through Baba-Inna.”
When Mrs Buhari was informed of the outcome of police investigation, the source said the first lady flared up and accused the police of colluding “to protect one of their own”. She then reportedly asked the State Security Service (SSS) to take over the case and get her money back”.
The accused is currently in the custody of SSS operatives.


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