Sokoto state governor, Aminu TambuwalSokoto state governor, Aminu Tambuwal, who recently defected from APC to PDP, says he is under pressure to run for president in 2019.
Tambuwal stated this while addressing different associations of students and youths as well as resident communities who paid him a solidarity visit yesterday August 15th.

Inn his words, “I have been receiving advices and encouragement from our leaders, peoples across the country and even from abroad to contest for presidency and this pressure is being mounting It Is not my making but the quantum of pressure from every where because of leadership gap in the country.” he saidHe said he would make his position public on the matter “in days to come”.
Sokoto State Governor, Alhaji Aminu Tambuwal, also stated that President Muhammadu Buhari, despite being a man of integrity and impeccable character, he is quite too old to rule the country Nigeria.
He, however, debunked reports that he is one of the enemies of President Buhari.
“We love President Buhari and that was why we supported him in 2015 unconditionally, and while doing that, we are too sure that he will seek re-election after his first term, but when things are wrong we have to tell him.
“We still believe in his integrity, patriotism and courage but these are not enough for a leader.
“We all know that there is a vacuum in the government occasioned by his disposition probably because of his old age or health condition. That is why Nigerians are yearning for younger ones to lead this country,” he said.
The governor alleged that some cabals have hijacked the government and are now discharging the functions and responsibilities of the president.
Senate president Bukola Saraki who also defected to PDP few weeks ago, yesterday also said he is ponndering on the decision to run for president in 2019. The PDP presidential primaries will hold on October 7.


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