Former Education Minister, Oby Ezekwesili believes the recently unveiled national carrier is a waste and bound to fail.
She made this known in a series of tweets where she called the project a wrong priority which is bound to fail.
She wrote;
“I actually believed that at some point the FG would have “advised itself” & known that the so called “National Carrier project” IS A WASTE.
Sadly not so as they are determined on what is CLEARLY A WRONG PRIORITY. It SHALL FAIL. For the sake of the country, it MUST FAIL”

I have seen a number of commentaries on this my Tweet. Let me REITERATE it now
I fundamentally consider a “National Carrier Project” A WASTE. Before we once again SINK SCARCE PUBLIC RESOURCES into a WRONG-HEADED PRESTIGE project like an airline, I am GLAD to STAND ALONE on this.”


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