''I'm an exposed Nigerian who has survived 4 assassination attempts in one year'' - Dino MelayeEmbattled Nigerian lawmaker, senator Dino Melaye, Monday said he has survived four assassination attempts on his life since April.
The senator said officers of the Nigerian police attached to him have been withdrawn since three months ago and has many failed attempts to get them restored.

“I’m an exposed Nigerian who has survived 4 assassination attempts in one year,” Melaye tweeted on Monday.
“Senate resolution to IG to provide security ignored.”
The lawmaker representing Kogi West was allegedly kidnapped last Thursday. He announced his freedom after eleven hours in the “wilderness”. But the police said it cannot confirm if he was truly kidnapped.
The senator is currently standing trial in more than one suit: he has been accused of illegal possession of arms and gun running. In a sperate trial, he was accused of a six-count charge, bordering on attempted suicide, attempt to escape from custody and damage of police property.
He has denied complicity in the gunning charges and accused the governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello, of influencing Department of State Security (DSS) of planning to frame him of sponsoring hoodlums and other crimes in the state.
The senator insisted on Monday that being without adequate security has made him an easy target for those who have made four attempts on his life already.
“My police security withdrawn since 22nd of April 2018. Every effort to restore them has been futile. I applied for armed civil Defence no response,” he said.


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