There are indications that the Senate President, Bukola Saraki is planning to announce his intention to run for President in 2019 soon.
According to a source who spoke to Tribune, the Senate President is considering the possibility of running on the Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP) platform.
The source also said that the juicy offers being offered members of the Reformed All Progressives Congress (RAPC) will not keep them from moving forward.
“We don’t want to be seen as greedy lots and that is why all the juicy offers cannot sway the defection plans.
“We have taken the legal option early enough to preserve our members and we are taking steps to ensure all needed agreements are signed with a coalition of opposition parties. It is a meticulous plan to rescue Nigeria,” the source said.

International backing
According to the report, Saraki might have gotten a nod from the international community following his trip to the United States on the invitation of the US Congress.
“I can assure you that notwithstanding the outcome of the meetings being orchestrated by leaders of the APC and the juicy offers being placed on the table, the Senate President and a number of bigwigs in the R-APC have signed out of the ruling party. It is just a matter of days.
“For them, the issue is not really about personal gains but good governance that would propel Nigeria to greatness in the comity of nations,” the source added.


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