MACBAN’s chairman in the north-central zone, Danladi Ciroma, had earlier stated that the attacks in Jos is a form of retaliation for the surge in cattle rustling in the state, accusing indigenous Berom youths of stealing cows from herdsmen, with about 300 cows lost to cattle rustling in the last few weeks.
However, Ciroma’s statement generated a lot of criticism from Nigerians who have largely blamed the association of enabling the killings of innocent people without facing any consequences from security agencies.

Ciroma has however come forward to adjust his statement.
He said, “We have never claimed responsibility and will never claim responsibility because the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association is a non-violent, peaceful association. We don’t encourage violence; we don’t accept it, support it, or condone it in any way and by whosoever. We don’t like violence. “Whoever is speaking on behalf of this association that’s not the national president, my humble self, the national secretary, or the national PRO, is on his own. He’s not speaking for the association; he’s speaking on behalf of his humble self, not the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association.”


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