Image result for 18-years-old Girl Stabs her Father to death because he kept teasing her about being fatAn American teen is accused of killing her father on Mother’s Day because he “would tease her about being fat,” local media reported.
Identified as, Ameera Corena Stokes, the 18 year old was arrested on May 14 after alerting police that her father, Donald Stokes, 53, was dead.Authorities discovered her father’s body in the stairway at his home. He had been hit in the head with a hammer and stabbed in the chest.
Ameera Stokes was charged with first-degree murder in connection with her father’s death. She was being held without bond in the Genesee County Jail. She was slated to appear in court on Thursday.

Authorities said the incident occurred following an argument over “life issues.”
“It just appears as though they had a disagreement about some life issues and that basically is what ignited the situation,”
The teenager’s mother, Gretchen L. Brasher, said her daughter had a tense relationship with her father. She said Stokes father “would tease her about being fat.”
“He was very verbally abusive,” The mother said. “She [Ameera] had a belly, so he would tease her about being fat. He would like let her have an apple for dessert, while everybody else was having something better.”
Brasher also claimed the teenager stabbed one of her friends when she was 13 years old and was sent to a rehabilitation program. The mother said she believed her daughter should be punished but noted the teenager suffered from mental health issues and tried to take her life.

“I raised a person that’s capable of such horrific murder,” Brasher said. “I just can’t believe it.” 


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