Honesty is rare in our society today, so when an act of honesty is seen, it hardly goes unappreciated.
A taxi driver returned a phone and envelope containing large amount of cash to its owner, one Martin Beck Nworah.
Mr. Norah took to Facebook to share his experience saying that the elderly driver has renewed his faith in people.
Read below:

“This taxi driver renewed my faith in people once again. I forgot my phone and an envelope containing a big chunk of money in his taxi. After running around and finally locating him, he delivered the phone and envelope with everything intact.

When I tried to give him 5k to appreciate him because of the amount involved, he refused. I thought the money was small. So I apologized and increased it to 10k. He took out 1k from the money and returned 9k to me. He insisted I don’t need to pay him for doing the right thing

I don’t know how else to appreciate him than to bring it here. If you’re good, don’t lose hope. There are so many other people who are trying their best too to redeem our humanity.


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