Former Governor of  Lagos state,  ex Senator and one of the leaders of the ruling party All Progressives Congress, APC, revealed that former president Olusegun Obasanjo is playing politics with his explosive letter sent to president Buhari last week. Read what The Former said below,

"Obasanjo wrote it about the government. It is a very good awareness on his part and they are both from the same background. I believe that is the doctrine of Military Officers (retired) because he has unrestricted access to the President, either through the Council of State or by any other means that he need to see the current President privately and he was his junior in the Army. So I think Obasanjo was playing politics with his public letter that’s all I see. He could have used other means, he met him in the AU too he has a way of discussing privately but the letter is being responded to by the government."


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