Nigerian Prison Officer Brutalizes Son For Playing Football (Photo)According to the photographer, the father who is a Nigerian Prisons staff beat the boy from 7:00pm till 2:30 am of today, resulting in the boy passing out and had to be admitted at the Don Bosco specialist hospital Ogungbade, Ibadan.

See the post he shared below…
Mr Adepoju Biodun is married with three kids,he works with Nigerian prison service Agodi,ibadan.
his eldest child is Israel, On 16th February 2018 Israel went to play football and after the football his father beat him from 7:00pm till 2:30am in the early hours of Saturday till he sustained a deep cut on his head with blood everywhere in the house.his the appropriate way to correct or chastise our child.
This is beyond chastisement. Israel was beaten to coma before he was later rushed to Don Bosco specialist hospital Ogungbade. I will soon upload the surface area of the deep cut as soon as they open it.
his siblings also tolu and praise served severe punishment, they were relieved as soon as Israel was rushed to the hospital.
Please share until the appropriate authorities sees this especially Nigerian prisons, UNICEF.
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Beating for your son for playing football? My God.
Someone please remind him how much Neymar is worth per week!!! Kaii
There is another angle to look at this… No father in his right mind would do this to his own son!!! This is a clear case MENTAL ILLNESS/TRUMA probably due to the nature of his work.
I am not a psychologist but I know in that in Nigeria we lack the culture of looking out for the signs of mental fatigue amongst our workers in all sector.
Military /Paramilitary have no proper way of been evaluated for any form of work trauma.
This man could be having or experiencing trauma as the result of the nature of his job. May God help him and his family.”


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