27-Year old Nigerian man Ebuka okori killed by South African police
A 27-year-old Nigerian man identified as Ebuka okori, from Umunze Orumba LGA, Anambra State, has been shot dead by some S. African police officers.
According to his brother, the incident occurred at about 2:am on Friday in Durban. He said two SAPS men in mufti, came to their house, immediately broke into the deceased’s room and demanded for money which he refused.
He was handcuffed and shot dead. They took away his phone, e-passport and other valuable documents. The relative of the victim was tortured and robbed of his belongings while a third victim, a South African, was also robbed.

Fortunately enough the brother ran away to call for help. Metro Police officers around the vicinity swiftly intervened although could not arrest the culprits. With their intervention, they were able to pick the number plate of the killers. A case has now been opened.


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