Nigerian man allegedly killed by his cheating wife and her lover in CameroonA Nigerian man has been killed by his wife after he discovered she was having an affair with his apprentice who lived in the house with them.
The victim who resided in  Yaounde, Cameroon was killed by his wife, her lover and one other accomplice.

Chinenye Adaeze Okeke allegedly beat Ugochukwu Okeke to death with the help of the apprentice during an argument over the affair going on in their home. They then wrapped him up and tried to dispose of the body but were caught and are now in police custody.

The couple have 5 kids together and are both natives of Anambra state. Ugochukwu AKA Alino was the only son of his mother.
Nnewi youths stormed the family home of the wife in Mabanagu, Otolo Nnewi on Saturday and went on a rampage. They allegedly demolished the house. The youths also left the house with a photo of Chinenye which they paraded round the village with while mourning her alive.



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