Dear Buhari, now that you have turned this country to a burial ground, what do you have for us in 2019?
I have already come to conclude with my few sane friends that when we get old, we will tell our children the story of the Buhari regime with tears in our eyes exactly the way our parents told us about the Biafran war.
We will tell them these stories with fear still in our voices. With dread in our gestures and pain in our hearts.

When my children ask me the mistake of my generation I will tell them that having Buhari as the number one man of the country made this country the number one in terrorism in Africa. Number one in economic epilepsy. Number one in incompetence.
Years ago, Nigerians forgot that a devil was a devil regardless of how less it was. They didn’t know that a lesser devil had the higher tendency to become the greatest devil of all times.
I remember people cursing Jonathan and calling him a woman. I remember them saying they wanted a man to be their president.
I wondered why people were mad.
We all know how we all preferred our mothers to our fathers while growing up.
Nigerians preferred daddy Buhari to Mummy Jonathan.
Now, we can’t even go outside and play or see our friends without being killed by herdsmen.
The other day, people who were coming from a cross over service were killed like chickens. Humans.
People who had plans for this year.
People who must have cried their eyes out in church telling God that this year must be their year… It would later be their year of death.
Buhari’s campaign promises are online. Look for them and read.
Nothing is the only thing he has achieved!! Nothing.
When Nigerians were carrying American elections on their heads saying that Donald Trump was so unpresidential.
I shook my head because this was coming from citizens of a country whose president by all standards isn’t fit for the post of a human being.
We have a president who didn’t go to school. It’s not as if school is a must because I haven’t gone to any. But, considering the fact that you are leading the country that masquerades as the giant of Africa, it is rather insulting.
A president who asked on air “Flease, what is inkwlusive gwovernment”
We may think this doesn’t matter because we have food in our homes, we have small change to buy fuel in our cars and generators of course. But. It does matter.
Our economy has gone down.
In fact, everyday you walk around in this country, the economy is what you are walking on.
Human beings died in Benue state.
People like me and you. People with family. With wives and husband. People with boyfriend and girlfriend. People with hopes and dreams.
They died because they were in Nigeria.
That is exactly what killed them.
A country where you are asleep and some lactating imbeciles who call themselves herdsmen waltz into your house and slit your throat and that of your families and go free.
Like, they are freer than me.
The president of this country didn’t go to the state. Of course it is not his son or daughter.
Let’s say he has leg pain and can’t travel.
Why didn’t he send someone to go on his behalf?
Nobody from the federal government was present. Such negligence!
This was the same state he went to when he was scampering for votes.
He even hypocritically wore their traditional outfit and posed for the camera and the gram.
Now, he doesn’t care about them again.
What other act can define gross wickedness than this?
Maybe the fact that he has been looking for corruption everywhere in the country not knowing that his son was a king pin of corruption.
Buying a bike that costs millions and millions of Naira that obviously can save the lives of millions of suffering Nigerians.
Yusuf bought ordinary okada with such huge money and had the guts to go outside to do inter house sports with fuel that his fellow Nigerians were sleeping in gas stations for.
Height of insensitivity!
This man who didn’t go to any school is sitting at Aso rock laughing at all of us with our big English and certificate.
Buhari ignored common sense and gave portfolios to dead people. I mean, dead people.
The money that is needed by living people is what he siphoned for the dead.
Dead people get alerts.
Only in Nigeria.
My problem is that now that he has successfully made Nigeria a burial ground of hopes, dreams and humans. I wonder what he wants in 2019.
I just wonder.
The time table for the elections have been released by the federal government.
And just like in secondary school: When time table appear in the board. People like me start to borrow notes to copy or photocopy. Everybody gets serious and busy.
Very soon, they will print shirts and cars and lorries for the election.
And come with a slogan that we will all fall for again.
And when he wins again, we are in trouble.
We all know how second rounds all look like and feel.
The only way we can avoid this madness is to keep our senses in tact otherwise, ….
To you Buhari. If you ever read this, understand this one thing.
You have failed!
You made people who trusted in you start to have trust issues!
You folded the economy of this country and put in your back pocket!
Have mercy on people!!!
Finally, you have failed an entire generation.
History never forgets.
Written by Mark Anthony Osuchukwu.

Mark Anthony Osuchukwu is a young Nigerian writer born sometime in history. He is on instagram as onye_mark .He can be reached via markanthonyfoundation(at)gmail(dot)com


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