The Presidency has asked Igbos the rationale behind saying Buhari hates Igbos when his personal polit that pilots Nigerian Air Force 1 is in fact an Igbo man.
The Presidency said Buhari's alleged margiinalization of Igbo and the southeast by his administration is not true having presented this claim to the contrary.

In a similar vein, Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo also rose to defend President Buhari saying  his driver for 25 years and his cook are both Christians, a claim that was also corroborated by  Lauretta Onochie, personal assistant to the president on social media. 

Below is President Buhari personal pilot that pilots Nigerian Air Force One: 
Captain Chinyelu Chizoba Ndubuisi

For the “bigot” that he is, the man who “holds Buhari’s life” after God in the open skies is an Igbo man.
“Captain Chinyelu Chizoba Ndubuisi is the Pilot of Airforce 001, the aircraft that takes @NGRPresident, @MBuhari on travels, locally and international,” she tweeted.
“Yes, Captain Ndubisi is his pilot. For those who only remember Geography & skewed religious knowledge lessons, work out the rest.”


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