THE question on the lips of every Nigerian is : Could Atiku emerge as the next President of Nigeria following his defection to the former ruling party?
Would President Muhammadu Buhari use his power of incumbency to remain in power? Does Buhari have that same popularity that gave him victory over Jonathan in 2014?
Below is an opinion poll conducted among Nigerians where many air their views on Atiku possible emergence as Nigeria's president in the forthcoming 2019 presidential election.
Read:  ''Nigeria is a school where students learn life, intrigues, survival and commonsense. That’s the reason the rest of the world sees Nigerians as mavericks. We adapt to any situation, anywhere. We circumvent anything, anytime.
The world over, no other concentration of human beings is as eccentric, overcritical yet hyper-docile as Nigerians. Twenty-five hours daily, we nonsensify excellence and excellencify nonsense. We laugh when we should cry; we bark when we should bite. There’re neither a people like us nor any good second, worldwide.
We’ve a pan-Nigeria perspective or approach to everything, no matter how delicate the matter might be. We play with fire, with life, with all. Nothing is too sacrosanct for us to toy with. We sheepishly downplay Neanderthal misdemeanours.
A thousand and one proofs exist but only a few should suffice. Everywhere on earth, stealing is corruption; except in Nigeria. Ditto killing, trickery, fraud, disloyalty, hate and such other ungodly vices. We deify rogues but disesteem icons.
Nigerians get away with anything, in fact with everything. It won’t be long before one of us (or rather one of them) would get away with the country; if they haven’t already. Yet, many would rally in support of such chicanery and think the few of us who won’t fools. But, aren’t we?
Answer for yourself. Be careful though what you criticise because a majority might already be cheering it. I gave myself some spanking while reading the ensuing paragraphs: an aggregate of Nigerians’ opinions when I wondered aloud if Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, GCON, by criss-crossing political parties, hadn’t become a rolling stone:
Benard Abah, Adiga-Benue: His never-say-die-spirit could create surprises this time.
Sampson Timothy, Ikoyi: A no-nonsense man. If God wants to use him to help us, so be it!
Wisdom Sunday, Calabar: He’s a political gladiator
Ken Ubaku, Abuja: What Atiku is doing is the beauty of (Nigerian) democracy!
Daniel Inyang Jnr., Uyo: Time to flush out non-performing leaders. Atiku has worked so hard for a chance. We should try him since the uhuru that we expected has turned sour.
Okolo Victor Nnaemeka, Enuguabor-ufuma, Orumba North: He’s our next President!
Mfon Sampson, Uyo: Atiku all the way, I am Atikulate.
Princewill Albert, Abuja: I am for Atiku!
Ekwezie Emenite Emmanuel, Keffi-Nasarawa: I don’t believe in Atiku. He should be an elder statesman, encouraging younger politicians; 2019 success is far from him.

Nseobong Francis Uko Jnr., Lagos: Atiku might just be our last hope. 

Sarduana Nsukka, Sarduana Lounge-Enugu: He can’t be President. Money is not everything.
Nsisong Udofia, Ekpene Ukim-Uruan: Atiku is roundly qualified to govern our country. However, his timing is wrong. I also suspect he has no cogent agenda, which means he might carry on like President Buhari, if. Enough of leaders fixated on settling old scores rather than on nation-building. Atiku got no thunderous ovation when he sang on that stage.
Nura Ibrahim Akuyam-Bauchi: Did he deliver Adamawa in 2007, 2011 and 2015? Would he in 2019?

Joseph Eyo, Abuja: He’s undoubtedly a success story in the business world. He has built social and political bridges across the country. He’s very detribalised, a good politician, a developmentalist and, above all, perhaps, the most qualified Nigerian for the top job. President Buhari, as candidate, would only beat the former Vice President on sentiments.
Daniel Ugbizobo, Iju-Ishaga, Lagos: Yes, and he would never gather any moss. He has nothing to offer, not even a new excuse. The same reason he gave for defecting to APC is his rehash for rejoining PDP!
Sunnywise Bassey, Uyo: He should be given a chance. Everyone has the constitutional right to run for any office, once qualified. Like all past and present leaders, Atiku might not be the answer but accusing him of embezzlement and incompetence is neither here nor there. I mean, who hasn’t embezzled? Who’s competent? Who’s better than Atiku, as we speak? I support his aspiration. Forget party and sundry sentiments!
Ben Robert, Lagos: God shall raise a stone from nowhere to fix our leadership crisis.
Emmanuel Ebitu, Eket: If it’s Buhari versus Atiku, then forget it, PDP would return!
Henry Nwosisi, Burma Road, Apapa-Lagos: He’s a political chameleon, selfish, and not after governance!
Daniel Japhet, Utu-Abak: He’s in pole position to take Aso Rock in 2019.
Yusuf Yusuf, Auchi: Yes, he’s a rolling stone. You won’t allow my horrible tag for him.

Conclusion: Easy cake. 13 over 21 might not be a political landslide but premised against the background of voter apathy, which remains the bane of elections in Nigeria, those looking to stop the Turakin Adamawa had better double up. His is the most potent 2019-compliant talisman for an upset. God bless Nigeria!''


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