See below an extract from Evan’s wife interview with vanguard…
I am suspecting that whatever happened to him must have come from his father’s second wife.   I don’t know what he did to him when he was young but he told the story.

He said that after their mother was driven out of the house, he was with his brothers playing outside one day when the second wife called him to pick a bucket and collect water for her. He was four years then, he picked the bucket, collected water and when he came back, she removed her dress and she was wearing only a bag made from animal skin on her waist.

She brought seven small stones from the bag, gave to Evans and ordered him to pour the stones into the bucket to know if the gravel would rise (sail) on top of the water or not. Evans said he did as she directed but the only thing the woman did was to take the bucket back and ordered him to go back and play with his brothers.   He said he told his father later but he said he was telling lies. I feel very bad because I did not know if he was doing all these or not.   Even if he was into all these, why did he not stop because of me and his children?   All the time when we pray, he used to promise God that he would tell Him his story later in life.


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