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Let me give you the real story!! Number1: Her killing him can never be justified and she should face the legal system. Now the real story.. Maryam and Bills started dating since university days! Then his family pushed him and forced him into marrying Fakriya while he was dating Maryam. Bilya married Fakriya, but the marriage didn’t last up to 2 weeks and he divorced her. Bilya and maryam then got married. Before the wedding her family and close relatives didn’t want her to marry Bilya as they believed he just liked her for her mother’s position. Bilya is not the son of the former Pdp chairman but rather his nephew. Bill’s father is an ordinary civilian with no political background. The wedding was very small as Maryam’s mother refused to spend so much money on the wedding and was upset Bilya didn’t want to spend a dime and just expected her family to do everything. Maryam’s mum got them an apartment in Maitama and fully furnished it! She even bought Maryam a brand new Mercedes-Benz. Plus Maryam already had a farm business that was doing well. Fast forward to the marriage.. Maryam started to realise Bilya had lied to her so much about his family, job and source of income. And he was dating so many women outside promising them he would marry them. Bilya turned Maryam’s car to his main car and also started using all Maryam’s money telling her he is starting a business. This got so bad that the money started to seize things from Maryam. maryam will cry and pack her things and move to her family but they will send her back saying when they warned her to marry him she refused. She had begged for divorce over and over but Bilya never agreed saying that he doesn’t want the world to think he can’t hold a marriage and that they will work it out. But Bilya never stopped sleeping around and using her like a fool. She was frustrated, depressed and suicidal. On the night the fight broke out – Maryam and Bilya fought in the living room and she left him in there bleeding and went to the kitchen She later asked her maid has Bilya not gone to the hospital and the maid should go and check on him The maid came in shouting that he is in a pool of blood and that is when he was rushed to the hospital and died. It is clear her intention was to inflict pain on him not kill him but sadly he bleed too much and died. There is no excuse for killing another person so she should face the law for that! But we need to be careful how we are too quick to judge a situation. The same maryam we are insulting in custody in shock of what she did and might at this point be suicidal. Bilya has since been buried. Sadly their marriage failed due to: Greed, what will people say, built up frustration and pain

More shocking details about the tragic marriage of Bilyaminu Bello to Maryam Sanda, claims the first wife was forced on Bilyaminu and that Maryam was the main chic


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