Nigeria’s Senior Special Assistant to the President on Industry, Trade and Investment, Olajumoke Omoniyi Oduwole has said it is not the government’s obligation to provide jobs for the masses.
Speaking in an interview with Newsroom, Oduwole made known that President Buhari’s administration is not obliged to provide jobs.

In a quest to affirm her statement, Oduwole stressed that the role of the government is to create an enabling business environment for everybody to thrive. 

Disregarding claims that it is the government’s failure to provide jobs is why entrepreneurship studies in tertiary institutions are compulsory, Oduwole said the government is not the major driver of the economy.
Her words; “Entrepreneurship is actually global best practice. In the US, we have so many entrepreneurs and that is how it is everywhere around the world. The government only employ a small amount of people. The private sector is the driver of any economy, it is not the government.

“What the government is obliged to do is to make sure there are regulations, laws, amongst other things to make business thrive in the country.”


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