The Nigerian Army has revealed its last contact with the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu.
Responding to the suit filed by IPOB lawyer Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor pleading with the court to prevail on the army boss to produce the missing IPOB leader dead or alive who he said was last seen on September 14 as against an earlier claim of September 17, 2017.
General Buratai told the court that during “a peaceful movement” that formed part of Operation Python Dance II, soldiers, on September 14, pursued a truck loaded with arms and ammunition into a compound which was identified in the suit as jointly owned by Kanu and his father. 

He alleged that the fleeing truck and its occupants ran over Army barricade and defied soldiers’ order stopping them to be searched. Buratai insisted that soldiers that chased the truck into Kanu’s house did not fire any shot, saying it was the occupants of the fleeing truck that deliberately ignited the ammunition they were carrying.  

That while on a peaceful movement on the said September 14, 2017, the soldiers randomly conducted stop-and-search operations as are necessary and it was during one of such exercises in Umuahia, Abia State, that it flagged down a truck, which as it turned out later, was loaded with arms and ammunitions of varying degrees and descriptions. 
“Rather than comply with the stop order, the driver and other occupants of the truck recklessly ran over the barricade mounted on the road by the soldiers and sped off, whereupon the soldiers at the point gave a hot chase and called for reinforcement to enable them pursue and arrest the fleeing vehicle. The soldiers did not fire any shot at the fleeing truck in order to prevent the loss of lives. 
“That the truck loaded with the arms and ammunition was pursued into a compound which has now been described in this application as belonging to and under the control of the applicant (Kanu) and his father. 
“That it was the legitimate attempt by the officers and men of the Nigerian Army to arrest the fleeing occupants of the truck and impound the truck that precipitated the deliberate igniting of the ammunition in the truck by persons now believed to be IPOB members. 

“That the act of the IPOB members resulted in sporadic explosions within the said applicant’s compound”, the affidavit further stated.


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