Former Nigerian central defender, Godwin Okpara has been dragged to court by his wife, Lynda Oladoyinbo Okpara, over ownership of property, which she said was acquired when the going was good with the family.
According to Starconnectmedia, Lynda said the husband is currently denying her of the privilege of getting her share of properties and has dragged him before an Ikeja Magistrate Court court seeking justice for herself and her three living children.

Lynda told starconnectmedia that she separated from Godwin after she caught him sleeping with their adopted child, Tina. “Her father worked with one of my uncles. When they fired him, I adopted her daughter and that was also when her mother died.

There was nobody taking care of her and she had developed kwashiorkor and I decided to take her in. I finally caught Tina with my husband on my bed, my husband held me and she was able to run outside the house. .
I am okay with him dating girls outside, but not inside my matrimonial home. It was when I was arrested that I opened up. So I know that the girl had hepatitis B, because I did test before adopting the girl”, she said. .
Godwin Okpara had a good time playing then for the Super Eagles and the club side, PSG in France but issue of persistent wife battery and child trafficking soon led him out of football into jail.
He is now back home in Nigeria but he is allegedly withholding share of the property from his wife. She also said the children; three of them in France have been abandoned by Godwin Opara.

She practically wept reading the test of her children just asking her to send stipend to feed. Besides, she said she was humiliated by her husband who hired thugs to assault her and even stripped her naked in her compound before onlookers.


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