Former President, Goodluck Jonathan, on Thursday, challenged the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, for a popularity contest on performance-based issues.
Speaking in Abuja while receiving in the audience with one of the contenders to the office of the National Chairman of the Party, Tunde Adeniran, and his campaign team, Jonathan declared that he made to say that the PDP did well from May 29, 1999, till May 29, 2015.
He stated that since then, the APC administration has had nothing to show as an achievement, but rather it has been ruling through lies and deployment of hi-tech propaganda to cover up its misrules.
‎Jonathan who cited instances to back up his claim, challenged the administration to a public debate over his submission and “see who Nigerians will stone”.
According to him: “PDP administration for 16 years, did well and will continue to do well, but this administration has done nothing; the administration is full lies and propaganda.
“In the power sector we did well to revive it, a State Governor cruised our government, saying that any serious government should be able to fix the power within six months. Today, APC has been power for how many years? Fortunately, the then Governor is in the APC Government as a Minister.”

“With the rate at which people are coming around to associate with a party that lost elections, it shows that the people still believe in the PDP. With the numbers and calibers of the people coming out to vie for the seat of the National Chairman and offices of our party, it shows that our party still have another chance.” 

He declared that for the party to get it right and regain its lost glory, it would need a competent, reliable, and courageous National Chairman, ‎who would then lead the party to victory come 2019.
According to Jonathan: “The contest for the office of the National Chairman is very interesting; this is healthy competition. Many of the aspirants have been coming here, this will allow the delegates to choose the best among them at the Convention.
“However, for the party to make a headway, we need a National Chairman that will select credible and reliable candidates for various elective offices at the various level of government, from the Presidency to the Councilorship.
“We need a National Chairman who will be courageous enough to call the President to order, if he wins the Presidency and the President is going astray; he must not be someone when the party takes a position on ‎issues, he will change.
“We need a National Chairman who will rule the party democratically, and carry others along. In fact, the National Chairman is the leader of the party, it is not the way around.”
Jonathan disclosed that with his long interaction with Professor Adeniran and testimonies of other party leaders, he possessed all it needed to lead the party at this critical point in time, and wished him success in the race.

He however, advised the party members and the aspirants, not to allow the Convention to cause another crisis in the party, saying that the contest should be seen as a family affair.


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