The controversy surrounding the wife of President Muhammadu Buhari, Mrs Aisha Buhari, has taken a new dimension, as many Nigerians have demanded for a full scale investigation into her alleged involvement in the Halliburton bribery scandal.
Recall, that the Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, had claimed that Buhari’s wife, allegedly received slush funds in the scandal, and was mentioned in the judgement convicting Williams Jefferson, in the United States of America, USA.
However, Buhari’s wife in a series of reaction to the allegation, exonerated herself from the scandal, describing Fayose as an ‘’Unchained Mad Dog’’.
As the controversy continues, many Nigerians have demanded that the President’s wife comes clean on the allegations, with many insisting that she must take a trip to the US, in order to prove her veracity and innocence.
Reacting to the controversies, Ndi Madu said: “How to deal with false accusation – Just prove them wrong!!! Gej was accused of running away and seeking asylum in ivory coast to avoid being arrested by the EFCC.
He added: “what did he do? He denied the allegation and came back to Nigeria, and the false accusation died a very natural death. Mrs Buhari, our first lady is being accused of being the Aisha Buhari that was part of the Halliburton scandal. What she needs to do to kill this allegation once and for all. Travel to the US and return. There are always simple solutions to simple problems. I don’t know why we like complicating simple things in this country.
Tolexy said: ‎”Behind beauty there’s a devil that dwells inside it. Fayose might be naughty sometimes, but he always has reasons 4 whatever he says. And for aisha to respond in such way, i think he’s right cos dats nt a classical way to defend herself. And so far, with lot of stories abt d case back then, involving atiku abubakar, ex gov awka ibow and same aisha.

As for me she’s is so guilty, but *powers* in Nigeria blinded d case. Good move for fayose to open it up. There lot of secret btw dz so called rulers, nd one by one they shall expose themselves”.
Paschal Chinonso Iwuoha commented:  “I think there are many ways to prove the first lady’s innocence:
1. Is for the first lady to clear her self in the law court.
2. Is that the first lady should travel to the USA & if she is not arrested, then people will know that it is all falsehood.”
Mazi King Dike‎, “Let the first Mrs Aisha Mohammadu Buhari travel to USA and return to clear the allegation against her. No need of fighting on tabloids.
Nwiyor Jerry; ” Very soon the real Atiku & Sen Jefferson will also emerge. A country of fugitives”.
Anselem Tosh stated: ‎”Story of the gods. When was the last time u visited USA. Go there now and see if u will come back.

Woman leader; “Buhari is on a journey of self destruction. Why won’t he wish to die in peace and rest in peace when his time comes? He has earned himself a lot of trouble”.
Linpopo Ogas said: “Oga Madam no talk too much. Tomorrow vex make you travel to US, make all Nigerians see say u dey US to clear yourself. You hear me, na my only advise be this”.
Bassey Kelvin Eteng commented: “when a man is corrupt, what do think his wife will be…”.
Also reacting, Okafor Johnkingsley said: “The Height of Corruption surrounding the president. From Forging WAEC Certificate to Forging International Passport. With the case of forged certificate in court, a new story with shreds of evidence implicating the wife of the President, Aisha Buhari in the Halliburton scandal has met a new twist as the controversy surrounding the identity of the woman, who was indicted in the Halliburton Scandal by the United States authorities has increased.
He further added: “A passport has been released by the concerned Nigerian authorities, indicating that the Aisha Buhari involved in the scandal is not the wife of the president. However, the Nigerian standard international passport, issued at the Nigerian Embassy, Washington DC, USA on 19 January 2012, set to expire on 18 January 2017, contains curious details that may lead an average individual to believe the woman is either President Muhammadu Buhari’s wife or daughter. The Standard Nigerian International Passport gave the woman’s date of birth as, 4 August 1975 with the place of birth being Daura, Katsina State, which is Buhari’s hometown. Interesting, her surname in the passport read, Buhari. But the first and second names were given as Aisha and Mohammadu.


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