President Muhammadu Buhari, has stated that his government has been fair to all sections of the country, including the Igbos.
Buhari, who was represented by Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, disclosed this on Thursday, in Abuja, at an event organised by the Situation Room, a civil society organisation.
He said that allegations of marginalisation by the Federal Government are usually based on perception, as facts point to the contrary.
“This government in its decisions and appointments has been fair to all segments of the country”, Osinbajo said.
“On national unity, we need to accept that in a good number of cases, we are not looking at facts, just perception.”
For instance, Osinbajo explained that Ministers are classified as senior or junior, noting that all but one of the Ministers from the South-East region of Nigeria, are senior Ministers.

Osinbajo also answered questions on various issues that are currently trending in the polity. Issues like the forthcoming Anambra Governorship election, the anti-corruption campaign, the menace of Fulani herdsmen, the involvement of young people, e.t.c. 

He reiterated that the Federal Government will not interfere in the electoral process, or use the security agencies to take sides during the election.
On the war against corruption, Osinbajo said: “Yes, our anti-corruption policy is somewhat reactive, but we are also proactive, e.g. through the TSA.
“It is not business as usual, and there are layers and layers of accountability. The Whistleblower policy is proactive.
“I am amazed that the civil society is so silent on the anti-corruption fight, that there is so little outrage about it. There are hardly any serious Activists in the anti-corruption space! I was involved in groups like Integrity.
“Civil society should be demanding that those who have been named and shamed, remain named and shamed!”


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