According to multiple Reports from the South East, a private motorist was killed yesterday during the launch of the campaign of the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate Tony Nwoye.
The Facebook user, Okutalukwe Chioma Jennifer who shared the news disclosed that the victim was shot dead by policemen in the security detail of Nwoye after he blocked the road of the convoy heading to the rally.
“According to an eye witness Mrs Onuorabuchi Okafor said the reason why the man was killed is because the man mistakenly block APC candidate Tony Wonye’s convey on the holdup and the police shot him in his Toyota Camry,” a saddened Jennifer wrote.

An eyewitness claimed he appeared to have been struggling for the way with the convoy before he was shot. The occurrence caused an uproar on social media with many arguing against and some for the actions of the security officials.

Another fb user Oba Obyno‎ posted to Igboist
People that are meant to save lives and properties are the ones taking it.
A young man, early thirties, was in a moment ago shot dead in cold blood for no reason in Tarzan Nkpor idemili north LGA Anambra State. Someone’s son,probably someone’s husband and father, A young man full of life. His only crime was explaining to a police escort of a political party the reason Why he took time to park well for them to have their way. Is this enough reason to kill a man? Is shooting him the best objective? Now his life is cut shot. His dreams and struggles gone. His people now in sorrow. It’s high time something is done against all this illiterates in uniform that goes about killing people.
This one was a policeman. Enough is enough, youths need to rise up. Rip young man. The police carried his corpse later this night after scarring the raging youths away by sporadic shootings,they also tolled his Toyota Camry away


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