It was shocking, as the Nigeria Army admitted to committing a serious error leading to the death of 22 people killed inside a primary school by suspected Fulani herdsmen, at Bassa Local Government Area of Plateau State.

Recall, that there has been violent clashes in Plateau, that have led to the untimely death of several people.
Daily Trust reports that Commander of Operations Save Haven, Anthony Atolage, said the Soldiers asked the people to take refuge in the school when the attack started, but the Soldiers deserted the school to chase after the gunmen.

“We asked the people to go to the school, and when the shooting started, some people were shouting; the Soldiers said let them go and drive them away. 12 of our men were guarding the school, they went after the attackers to drive them away, but before my men came back, some attackers came and killed them in the school”, Atolagbe said.
Most of the people killed in the school were children and women.
Atolagbe denied the accusations that the Soldiers invited the Fulani herdsmen to kill the people in the school.
“We cannot take sides”, he said.
“Since I have been in this operation, we have started doing a lot of things. We have stakeholders meeting at OPSH headquarters and at the level of the sector, in order to promote peace and avoid a crisis. There are a compulsory two times stakeholders meeting every week.”
He further stated that the Army had deployed motorcycle squads trained outside the country to patrol the areas and prevent future attacks.

Atolagbe confirmed that no arrest had been made, but he said the task force was working round the clock to arrest the perpetrators.


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