kidnap kingpin, Chukwudumeje George Onwuamadike alias Evans is still spilling more details on his nefarious activities.
During his interrogation, he confessed on how he bullied a Lagos transport magnate to pay him $1 million to avoid his kidnap but the transport magnate, ended up parting with less than that amount.
He said that the plot to kidnap the transporter was hatched in 2013 and he stopped threatening the businessman once the agreed sum in dollars was paid.
The suspect, who is gradually adapting to life in police custody and has started eating, claimed that a close aide of the transporter provided all the information he required about the victim.

 According to a source,
“He has started laughing and feeling relaxed now, unlike before. He eats rice sold by one of the caterers at the station and drinks only bottled water. He insists that his wife knew what he was doing for a living and even used to collect ransom for him.”
The Nation gathered yesterday that although Evans still agonises about his condition in police cell, he finds time to smile and joke with his cell mates and interrogators.
The Nation reports that a source revealed that,
“Evans said that the native doctor who prepared charms for him is a traditional ruler and that he usually collected 10percent of the money generated.

“He pleaded that Eze (native doctor/monarch) should not be arrested. He said whenever they went for an operation without telling the juju man, he always knew and would confront him. He said that the native doctor most times knew he was planning something and would tell him to stay away if he foresaw danger.
“He also said he heard of the kidnap of Ikenga Nnewi but that he was not responsible for it. He said that he knew something bad would happen the week he was arrested but he didn’t know the exact thing.
“The kidnapper said he was planning to travel abroad because he knew police were looking for him. Evans said he was able to evade arrest over the years because the charms his native doctor prepared made him invincible to those who wanted to hurt him.”
He claimed that he never cheated members of his gang and that he usually performed sacrifices before and after each operation.
Evans begged government to spare his life but is free to confiscate all his wealth and properties.
He craves a fresh lease of life to enable him turn a new leaf.
“Evans claims that he never assaulted any of his kidnap victims. That he didn’t rape the women and never slapped any of the men. He said he only chained them and ensured their families paid the demanded amount.


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