News agency ‘SITE Intel Group’ reports that radical islamic sectarian groups connected to ISIS have threatened to attack next summer’s World Cup in Russia, with the sects in question using an image of Lionel Messi being held as a prisoner and crying bl00d as a notice.

‘SITE’ reports on Tuesday that the picture had been spread by the WAFA Media Foundation, which is thought to have connections with the radical Islam sectarians and has been used by ISIS for promulgation purposes previously.
It isn’t the first time that ISIS has announced the World Cup as an official target, having previously released a picture of an officer of the caliphate equipped with a gun and explosives watching over the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow.
Messi will be one of the stars of next summer’s World Cup in Russia and ‘SITE’ reports that ISIS have utilized his status and image as a method for spreading fear and terror among the footballing fans across the world.

The Barcelona and Argentina star shows up in the warning notice from the radical Islamic sects being held as a prisoner and crying bl00d. 


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