As you are reading this message this afternoon,if you are not basking in the euphoria of uncomprehending ignorance on the current Nigeria versus Biafran situation, I am using this avenue to inform you that very soon,there will be a united Nations sponsored,supervised and conducted Referendum for self-determination in Biafra, to authenticate whether the Biafran majority choose to remain with the rest of Nigeria or not.

Currently the Biafran Nationalists against the threat of a military clampdown and daily pan-one Nigeria intimidation,were already tidying up all the necessary documentation in fulfillment of the UN guidelines on referendum for self-determination.What Biafrans were waiting for currently is not whether the referendum will hold but the date when United Nations will fix for the conduct of the referendum on its agitation for Biafra’s statehood.There are many classified information the Nigerian Government and media organizations are hiding from public consumption and let all those calling for declaration of war against Biafra to note that;any such declaration will bring about a war beyond borders. Let all Biafrans return home to register for the forth coming referendum by registering to vote either Yes or No for a sovereign status for Biafra or for them to vote No to vote no to remain under one Nigeria.It is only 60% of the either Yes or No Votes that will determine the reality or unreality of the all process for self-determination.

No Nigeria involvement will be requested once the date of the referendum is granted by the united Nations.It is only the Biafrans that will only be asked to do the needful under international law.And there is nothing any power and Authority can do about this again. 

Many myopic one Nigeria imperial overlords and gullible citizens and the members of their useless slavish armed forces, seem to forget that this is the age of asymmetrical war,wars without borders,wars most armies are unprepared and poorly equipped to fight,wars in which territories reclaimed by regular armies cannot be held in the face of radicalized and suicidal militants.Had the Nigerian -Biafran war of the 60s been fought today,the outcome would probably have been different.

The issues of Biafra Actualization as a newest Sovereign State has gone beyond what any power within Nigeria can stop and not even the 20 billion naria extended by the Nigerian State to core- Igbo- Leaders, socio- cultural and traditional groupings,professional profiteers and puppeteers,public and private sectors practitioners and politicians from Eastern extractions, can stop the millions revolution for the berth of a Biafra country.The forth coming Referendum is going to be done by individual voting and not by group representing millions of individuals.

If the North had not arrogantly opposed True-Federalism cum Regional Autonomy, to re-create a balance federation with a workable and understandable resources control mechanism and fiscal federalism,this Biafra re-generation, will have not have gathered the huge momentum and will probably will had been nip in the bud,but since the entire South of Nigeria is designed as a British cum Hausa-Fulani private property,in a master-servant political and economic relationship, then Biafra and many other countries that, so desire to be sovereign independent nations,will spring up from a disintegrated Nigeria.


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