The Federal Ministry of Education, has released a statement on the teaching of Christian Religious Knowledge, CRK, as a subject in secondary schools in Nigeria.
Recall, that the media has been agog, over the alleged report that CRK has been removed as a subject of study from the curriculum of public secondary schools, in Nigeria, while Islamic Religious Studies, IRS, has been reintroduced.

However, in swift reaction, the Director of Press, Federal Ministry of Education, Chinenye Ihuoma, pointed out that the Ministry had designed a new subject, which merged Civic Education, IRS, CRK, and Social Studies, into “Religion and National Values

“The alternation is not from the Minister, this is purely from the National Council on Education. It is just as the Council has said that History should be a subject of its own, at the basic level in the first nine years.
“Now, a new subject has been introduced, called Religion and National Values. It is a fusion of religion and civics.
“I have not seen the details, but in a case where you have subject combinations in the same period, everyone will attend lectures that correspond with their own religion.

“Arabic and Islamic Studies are not standing alone. Islamic Religious Study and Christian Religious Study, as well as National Values, will be taught under a new subject.”


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