Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State has said that no right thinking Igbo man is in support of the Sovereign Republic of Biafra.
Okorocha made this statement when he led a delegation on a visit to some Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs, and victims of the recent Benue flood disaster, in Benue State.

He said: “No reasonable Igbo man is backing the agitation for Biafra. I have always said that IPOB is an agitation group, but the captioning is bad when you talk of sovereignty within a sovereign nation, and also talking about secession.

“Let me assure you that no Igbo person or man is in support of secession, and people must see this as a childish act. We must stand up to address it before it becomes a national problem.
“As for us leaders in that area, it will be insane for anyone to think that the IPOB Leader will ask us to follow him to seek secession.

“So, Nigerians must learn to address it specifically. If you are addressing IPOB you should be specific, and not address it as if it is an Igbo affair.”


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