My name is Abel Chris Ogbonna this is what I said:
Mbaka is an idiot. Yes, you heard me well and I have my 1001 reasons, sentiments apart. Someone should tag him this. It's not any hate speech and don't even bring God into this because God I know is God of Justice while Mbaka promotes injustice for obscure reasons I have failed to understand.

These are the people who make people loose their faith in God. These are the people who preach opposite of what they act. These are people who leverage on ignorance and vulnerability of poor and lowly people to either perpetuate evil or make sure that evil remains on throne.

Anyone who becomes deaf and dumb in the face of tyranny and oppression of any people anywhere in the world, only to be vocally condemning the oppressed when they cry out for mercy or liberation is an agent of devil.

Mbaka never condemned the killing of his people including a Catholic Seminarian in Nimbo by the murderous Fulani terrorists masquerading as herdsmen. He completely lost his voice.

Today he's unconsciously sowing the seed of division among Igbos to tell them that they won't ever live together in peace even if in Biafra. What does that ungodly utterance promotes? 

His argument is therefore, that because we are likely to have accident if we upgrade from bike to car (because we have been having one or two accidents in the past on bike) therefore we should continue with bike even if it is no longer moving. He talks as God and seems to have know everything that will happen in future.

He's suggesting that the fracas of the people should continue and that a whole race of more than 50 million Igbos can never come together and fashion their self governance without Fulanis that has been Killing us since Lugard's unholy amalgamation.

Sometimes I wonder where some of these dudes forgot their d*mn morality and sense of unbiased judgement. Some utterances and actions have made people lost their faith in God. This is one of them. I paused a moment ago to wonder why I am even wasting time in a Church if it cannot defend its own in the face of dangerous and threat of annihilation.

Because I am a Catholic doesn't count on this one. D*mn it. Far from it. I was human first before subscribing to Catholicism. If you therefore hate humanity who I was that qualified me to be Catholic, you invariably lost my confidence in whatever thrash you might be preaching.

Humanity first! I have no reason to respect anyone who can somehow try to defend injustice because of some ulterior gains.

Mbaka should stop planting seeds of discord amongst us.


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