France’s Head of the Armed Forces, Pierre de Villiers, has resigned, on Wednesday, after a heated dispute with France’s President, Emmanuel Macron, over defence budget cuts.
In a statement, 60 year-old Pierre de Villiers, said he had tried to maintain a French Defence Force, with the ability to do an increasingly difficult job within the financial constraints imposed on it, but was no longer able to sustain that.
“In the current circumstances, I see myself as no longer able to guarantee the robust Defence Force, I believe is necessary to guarantee the protection of France and the French people, today and tomorrow, and to sustain the aims of our country,” he said

Recall, that a fierce argument broke out on July 14, between the two men, just two months after Macron was elected, and just as France prepared for the Military pomp of the Bastille Day parade, where Macron’s United States counterpart, Donald Trump, was the guest of honour.

De Villiers, appearing before a closed-door hearing of Parliamentarians, had used strong language to protest at the 850 million euro (979.46 million dollars) defence budget cut Macron was making, as part of his efforts to rein in state spending.


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