The spiritual director of the Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry, Uke Anambra state, Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Obinna, has fired back at Mbaka stating that he has always being the problem of Biafra agitators and Igbos in general, speaking on his parish ground on Monday been 4th September 2017, he stated that when Enugu indigenes were being massacred by Hausa Fulani herdsmen, Mbaka mute his mouth, when people were Being killed all over igbo Land, nobody hear a single word from Mbaka, what makes him a Prophet is only Gossiping and down casting the work Of IPOB LEADER NNAMDI KANU who is even fighting to save him from slave. 

Recall that The Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka blast the leader of IPOB leader NNAMDI KANU, stating categorically clear that he is just using the mind and brain of igbo youth for his selfish gain. He (Mbaka) also state that all the igbo youth should pardon him and focus on the upbringing of Nigeria, stating more that igbos are more better in one Nigeria than creating Biafra.

Rev Father Obinna last words to Mbaka state, Nnamdi Kanu is more important to igbos and Prophetic than mbaka, at least, he Nnamdi Kanu foresaw what is happening now in Nigeria while Mbaka were Busy then campaigning For APC, now that his party APC have failed, Mbaka have not condemned the same APC party the he campaigned for, let the will of God be done, and let Mbaka go to rest


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