As shared by Joseph who lives in Aba…..
‘My dear friends,the name of this Army man is Ijimakinwa olusegun, his base is in ABA. The other pictures that are displayed below is a civilian and a businessman,and his name is Lawson. He was beaten brutally by this Army man and his boys,in a Nite Club at ABA over the weekend.
Just because Lawson’s body mistakenly touched his,and it all resulted to what has happened to Lawson. This Army man by name Ijimakinwa olusegun,has been taking laws into his own hands over there in ABA bullying people the way he likes.
Pls friends share this message until it gets to the higher authority. Army are suppose to be protecting people and not assaulting them. Share until i get’s to the higher authority’.
Some of the officers involved are  Lt Amusa, Lt Ijamakinwa, others


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