The Nigerian Army unlike the police is saddled with the responsibility of protecting the nation’s land territory against aggressive external invasion by foreign bodies. The Nigerian Army is the largest component of the Nigerian Armed Forces, and responsible for land warfare operations. It is governed by the Nigerian Army Council, it was formed in the year 1960 with its headquarters in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.
Just like the Nigerian police, navy and air force, the Nigerian army has its own salary structure too, it is way better than the Salaries of the Nigerian police, its not surprising as the Nigerian army has a greater responsibility when compared to the other arms of the Nigerian Armed Forces.
It would be worthy to note that these salaries are excluding allowances and bonuses.
The Nigerian Army: Monthly Salary Scale For All Ranks
1. Private
Monthly Salary – N49,000
Annual Salary -  N588,000
2. Lance Corporal
Monthly Salary – N55,000
Annual Salary -  N660, 000
3. Corporal
Monthly Salary – N58,000
Annual Salary - N696,000
4. Sergeant
Monthly Salary – N63,000
Annual Salary - N756,000
5. Staff Sergeant
Monthly Salary – N68,000
Annual Salary - N816,000
6. Warrant Officer
Monthly Salary – N80,000
Annual Salary - N960,000
7. Master Warrant Officer
Monthly Salary – N90,000
Annual Salary - N1,080,000  

Nigerian Army Salary Structure for Commissioned Officers
8. Second Lieutenant
Monthly Salary – N120,000
Annual Salary - N1,440,000
9. Lieutenant
Monthly Salary -N180,000
Annual Salary - N2,160,000
10. Army Captain
Monthly Salary -N220,000
Annual Salary - N2,640,000
11. Major
Monthly Salary -N300,000
Annual Salary - N3,600,000
12. Lt. Colonel
Monthly Salary -N350,000
Annual Salary - N4,200,000
13. Colonel
Monthly Salary – N550,000
Annual Salary - N6,600,000
14. Brigadier General
Monthly Salary – N750,000
Annual Salary - N9,000,000
15. Major General
Monthly Salary – N950,000
Annual Salary - N11,400,000
16. Lt. General
Monthly Salary – N1 million
Annual Salary - N12,000,000
17. General
Monthly Salary – N1.5 million
Annual Salary - N18,000,000
NB: The commissioned officers in this case refers to the core officers that passed through the Nigerian Defence Academy and graduated successfully to become officers. For more information about the Nigerian army, be it recruitment, information on their short service or questions related to the force, visit their 


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