Emerging report has revealed that the Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo, has secretly suspended President Muhammadu Buhari’s Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari, for the controversial role he played before Mr. President embarked on his medical trip to London.
It was gathered that Osinbajo has cut off all official communication with Abba Kyari, for daring to usurp his authority.
A top government source, revealed on Sunday night, that Abba Kyari made frantic efforts to usurp the powers of Osinbajo, before Buhari’s departure.
The source explained that although the President had upon his last visit to the UK, personally told Nigerians that he would after his 49-days stay in London, soon return there for a follow-up, the said official deliberately refused to share the information with other key Aides of the President, such as the National Security Adviser, NSA, Media Aides, and even the Office of the Vice President.

The Source said: “The President actually insisted on calling the top government officials to come over to his residence that night, to meet with him before his departure, to ensure that there was clear understanding that he was travelling, and wanted every relevant official of the administration to know about his trip, and to demonstrate his full compliance with the laws of Nigeria. 

“Mr. President did not want to be dictated to by the said official, who had earlier suggested to him that the transfer of power to the Vice President should be limited, while he should be empowered by the President to act as a liaison between the Presidency and the National Assembly, during Buhari’s absence.’’
The source added: “In fact, the man in question had actually drafted a letter meant for the President’s signature, two days to Buhari’s departure, stating that “the powers of the Acting President be limited”, while he (the Aide in question), be authorized to coordinate things in a “broad sense, until Buhari returns.”
“In the letter drafted by the controversial official for Buhari to sign, the officer also suggested that Osinbajo be restrained from taking any action on the Economy, Foreign Currency Operations, and the Central Bank of Nigeria, among other strategic agencies of the government, pending the return of Buhari.”
“Mr. President however, shocked the Aide largely believed to have won his heart, by promptly rejecting the suggestions, by taking the unprecedented bold step to personally meet with his Vice and the NASS Leaders, and briefed them on the transfer of power to his Vice, before leaving Nigeria for the UK.

“It was at the meeting, that Buhari pointedly asked Osinbajo to take full control of the administration, and to have a free hand to run the system until his return to Nigeria, something that rattled the powerful Aide, who is said to be rooting for the creation of a cabal in the Presidency, for his pecuniary interest”, the source said.


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