Mrs Taiwo Obasanjo, the mother of Abraham Olujonwo, is planning a massive protest at the venue of his son’s wedding
In a letter to security agencies and the church, Mrs Obasanjo detailed how she plans to successfully create the planned drama at the wedding venue
Despite losing at the court, Mrs Taiwo, wife of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, says the planned wedding between her son, Abraham Olujonwo, and Tope Adebutu cannot hold this month.
Olujonwo is the first child and only son of Taiwo Obasanjo. She says the date of the wedding must be changed. Mrs Taiwo plans to cause chaos by openly protesting at the Methodist Church venue of the wedding ceremony on May 13, saying the date has an occultic implication.
“I have informed the Nigeria Police Force and the military police of my planned public protest on the 11th of May. I intend to stage a peaceful protest on the day of the wedding outside the federal palace, and on the 13th of May outside the Tinubu Methodist Church and outside Eko Holiday Inn, the reception venue.

“This protest is to bring out people to praise the Almighty God very loud with songs and drummers to sing and dance like King David as they hold the ‘demonic’ ceremony.

We will not insult or abuse anyone. “I am inviting the generality of the people to join us in this peaceful protest,” she said in a letter informing the church of her plans just as she added that she and her team would be armed with placards. Mrs Taiwo Obasanjo’s letters to the police, the Nigerian Army and the church were obtained by our source.
In one of the letters to the GOC of the 81 division of the Nigeria Army, Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island, Lagos seeking for protection, Mrs Obasanjo said: “Sir, these two dates are not for wedding but a clever specially concealed spiritual agenda to cause a great holocaust by inviting unsuspecting numerous souls to a banquet of death to feat on human flesh and blood to serve their covenant with Satan.”
In the letter to the church, she said there would be a lot of disasters after the wedding. “After the wedding, you will be hearing and seeing incidents of plane crashes, fire, multiple road accidents, tankers and trailiers killing people, cancers, diseases of the kidney, liver, prostrate, eyes issues and diverse health problems causing strange death in people and the economic situation will worsen.
“My son, Olujonwo Obasanjo, is innocent. He is a Daniel in the lion’s den and he is a captive of multiple strong men and women of our world. He is bewitched, cast under the spell of dark powers of ultra-wicked cruelty originating from Rosemary Dacosta and her daughter, Tope Adebutu,” she said.

The Nigerian Army acknowledged receiving the notification letter from Mrs Obasanjo. Through Leutenant Colonel I Ogundele, the army however asked her to take the matter up with the Nigeria Police.


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