The CNN, has on Wednesday, described President Muhamamdu Buhari’s approval for the complete closure of Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, as a huge embarrassment.
Its described the planned closure as a “huge incurable economic ailment” that would hunt down the economy, because of the refusal of major foreign airliners to use the Kaduna Airport, due to security reasons.
Recall, that before Buhari went on an emergency medical vacation to London, he approved the closure of the International Airport. The Airport is expected to be shut down for six weeks, from Wednesday, March 8.

In the CNN report that was published on its website, the news cable described the Airport as the “gateway to Nigeria’s capital and seat of government. It is a vital resource for public officials, VIPs, and business travelers.”
It further revealed, that the Abuja Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport handled almost 5,000 domestic flights in December alone, making it the second busiest Airport in the country.
“The shutdown is expected to cause severe disruptions. But the decision has been forced by the increasingly decrepit and dangerous condition of the Airport’s sole runway, which has ruptured in several places”, the CNN reports.
Aviation stakeholders had considered other options to keep the airport open, such as night-only repairs, but the Buhari administration rejected the offer.


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