The Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, on Monday directed all deposit money banks to immediately commence the sale of foreign exchange to their customers at N360 to the dollar.

In a statement by the apex bank spokesperson, Isaac Okoroafor, all customers requesting forex for their basic transport allowance and personal transport allowance, tuition and medical fees, would henceforth get it at an exchange rate not more than N360 to 1 dollar.

The terse statement reads, “The CBN to sell forex to banks at N357/$1, while banks will sell to their customers at N360/$1 for invisibles (BTA, medicals, fees, etc),” the apex bank said on Monday.
“CBN directs banks to post new rates in the banking halls of their branches immediately. CBN examiners to visit banks to ensure the new rates are implemented.
“CBN prohibits banks from selling forex funds meant for invisibles to BDCs”

The apex bank said it would sell to commercial banks at N357 per dollar and banks are to post the new rates in their banking halls of their branches immediately.


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