The man spent thirteen months peregrinating around the world.
He used eleven living in UK and across the world nursing his ill-health and eventually he died and his cabals are still deceiving you and you also agreed to be deceived. Indeed, the deceived are the real problems not the deceivers.
He spent all those days and months squandering your meager resources with the pretense that, he was going to bring investors to revamp a one-time robust economy. You all clapped for him and said, the real ruler is here, not a leader o! Take note of my choice of words please..
I have followed him quietly, bumper to bumper, patiently waiting for these miracle investors to come and revamp the moribund economy that he promised to make one of the best in the world. Till this moment nothing.
He squandered your money on medical bills, all the while deceiving you, not knowing he was on a spree to find solutions to his lingering health issues, but instead of coming out with the truth about his failing health, he rather lied that he was recovering the loot of his co-bandits, that he was fighting some fictitious corruption.
Who could forget the purported $15 Trillion Dollars that the USA was meant to refund to Nigeria? You his morons actually believed that crap. As in the US would refund money that people brought to their terrain without being cohersed to do so? Money that is helping keep their hospitals working, the money that is keeping their industries blasting. If you are one of the fools that believed that fibs, then you need to check your brains, reset them because it shows you do not know the West.

He went to UK and David Cameron reminded him that he was “Fantastically corrupt” because they know him and our PTF money that developed wings and flew away under his watchful eyes and landed in Midland Bank of those days now known as HSBC. Instead of him facing that simple truth, he rather called you all criminals. Ha!
The morons, all 15m of them clapped and danced that all our loots hidden in far away countries would be brought back in a platter of gold. Smh! Mme ifu idad.
He went to UAE, and all we heard then was that, he was going to sign a tripartite agreement with that country to bring back the loots but when he realized his boy Buratai was the biggest looter with two homes in that country, he dropped that like a hot potato.
He went for a summit in South Africa, after spending half of the time observing his siesta and sleeping away, he came out of his slumber to tell you lot that, he would not be governing you well because the best of his being is gone and idiots danced on the streets of Zuckerville saying he would rule till 2023, yes, we are waiting for him to come and rule. Smh!
Now, the chickens are home to roost, now, the truth about his failing health though you lot do not know the exact details. Now, you all know all the globetrotting spree was to find a lasting cure for his ailments, instead of questioning him, you are saying he is a mere mortal, after all, he can be ill. Is that the real issue?
Is Mugabe, not supposedly older than him? How many times has he left for UK or the US or even the Arab countries to cajole Doctors to look at him with a magnifying glass?
Ill health, is an inevitable situation or condition with all humans, we all have issues, but why treat a traitor’s, a tyrant’s own as if he is immortal?
The man died and you can’t even accept the reality of things and you are still lying to yourselves. Delusion of the highest order.
He went back to the UK, how and when?
Continue being in denial.
Who saw him and how did he leave?
On a banana boat or he cycled down since he is so hale and hearty?
Look at the economy of Nigeria, look at yourselves and your stupidity.
Glad I am vindicated, history would be kind to me for the universe knows I warned you.
The coordinator is under pressure now, to relinquish power by force or by default, whichever way, I feel no damn sorry for him.
They all are the change agents and may they stew in it.
I am eating guinea fowl mbok and grateful I can afford it, for it is so expensive now, in fact, everything is so expensive.
Thanks to your dead President.
And finally the man and the economy died.

By Portia Emilia Anthony


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